OVER Group is a leading Polish manufacturer of hygiene products and diet supplements for livestock and pets as well as cosmetics for humans. For over 10 years we have supplied markets throughout Europe, Asia and The Middle East. As a group, we have 10 brands in our portfolio, offering products and services in a number of different industries. Ever since the launch of our company, our products have been based on carefully selected, natural raw materials, which we source from different across the world.

OVER Group provides innovative products and services with outstanding quality, which are well appreciated by our Distributors, Veterinarians, Breeders and final customers.

We are engaging and investing in modern solutions in all areas in which we operate. The latest developments are based on high quality IT solutions.

At the core of our business is the high standard of Customer Service. We take great pleasure in the satisfaction of our partners.


The establishment of FHU OVER

Commencement of our activities. A company is established under the business name of FHU OVER, and its objects include only import and distribution of preparations for domestic animals.


A step towards independence

We start our own production. On the basis of individual recipes we produce preparations of the highest quality, directed to breeders of cattle and pigs.


Packing, packing…

Establishment of OVER Pack Department that provides packaging services for bulk, liquid and semi-liquid products in pouches, bags, boxes, bottles and cans of different grammage.


OVER for beauty

We take our first steps in a completely new sector. OVER Cosmetics is a brand of cosmetics directed to people for whom top quality is the priority.


OVER for pets

The experience gained during the hitherto activities and our love of pets are what contributed to the establishment of Over Zoo, a brand offering high-quality preparations for pets.


Hello, how can I help you?

We create an effective telemarketing system. According to the initial assumptions, this Department was to be a response to the Company’s internal demand for telemarketing services. However, it has become an integral platform supporting effective sales processes of OVER Group, open to meet the needs of external clients.


Specialist veterinary solutions

Among the offer for domestic animals a line of specialist products was developed by veterinary surgeons and for veterinary surgeons specialising in the treatment of domestic animals. This is how OVER Vet was established.


We are making progress ...

What was the most important event of 2012 was the transformation of FHU OVER into a limited liability company under the business name of OVER Group. It is also the time of entering new fields of business, the result of which is the establishment of OVER Cloud Department offering innovative IT and marketing solutions. With a fast development of our brands a need arouse to extend our team to more than 100 persons now.


Galloping ... Naturally for horses

It is the horse’s year in OVER Group. We launched on the market 2 brands dedicated to horses, OVER Horse offering natural additives and SEMI-CHEM offering the first unique pheromone product on the market – Equaminity.


Crossing the borders...

Our continuous development of strong brands results in a greater visibility of the company on foreign markets.


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