Over Group awarded with the certificate of "Przedsiębiorstwo Fair Play”  

The programme entitled “Przedsiębiorstwo Fair Play” (Fair Play Enterprise) is an undertaking in which all aspects of a company’s activity are evaluated, taking into account the manner and style of conducting activity rather than merely the economic results generated by it. The purpose of the programme is to promote ethics in economic activity, understood as a set of standards of reliable conduct in mutual relations between entrepreneurs and clients, contracting parties, employees, partners, the local community and local and governmental authorities.

“As a company that is reliable towards its clients, we are happy to see that our activities have been acknowledged. We have made a decision to take part in the programme, because we wanted to be verified by an independent organisation.  What we needed was an objective confirmation that what we do and how we do it is correct. The certificate awarded to us strengthens this conviction”, said Stanisław Gosiewski, Managing Partner of Over Group.

“Przedsiębiorstwo Fair Play” is a programme performed since 1998. Since its beginnings organisers have received as many as 9,192 applications from companies willing to undergo the verification. In sixteen editions of the programme completed so far 8,301 certificates were given to 2,823 companies. Many of them were awarded with several certificates, as they took part in the programme many times.

“I am convinced that Przedsiębiorstwo Fair Play certificate will have a positive impact on our company.  Contracting parties, suppliers and business partners, both existing and new ones, will associate us as a trustworthy company. We are convinced that what we do is done right”, added Paweł Toborowicz, Managing Partner of Over Group.


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